The people.

This project was conceived by Huw Morris Jones, a local Hull Businessman & Art maker, who is bringing his unique perspective across Art and Business to help make this project a reality.

Paul A Dennis of Creative 1 Hull, is the Project Lead, an experienced Brand Designer and Creative Consultant, who was engaged to develop the concept proposal and is now leading it’s future implementation.

A local team of talented people are waiting on the sidelines for when funding can engage their services to make this project a reality.

Concept development.

The project is talking to various local and national organisations. With the majority of funding being supported by the sponsorship of individual suitcases (see: Sponsor a Suitcase page). We are also engaging in talks with local, national and international sponsors/partners who can help with its development.

We have an initial outline schedule and costings to prepare the groundwork for the projects year long programme.

Truly international in scope, its focus is on the pivotal role Hull played at this crucial time in history.

Our goal is to retell the transmigrant story using today’s online and digital technologies, to connect people in real time and produce a unique archive of social engagement. Whilst in the process building opportunities for new trade, art and cultural links with all concerned.

We hope you will connect with us in some way and help us continue this important conversation about peoples’ freedom to move and prosper.

Huw Morris Jones

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